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Types of Lures

Bringing a wide variety of bait and lures on your next fishing trip lets you mix up your methods as the day progresses and fishing spots change. This is especially helpful if your first fishing lure is turning out unsuccessful and you need to mix up your next approach. Today, there is a wide variety of lures and fishing bait available, including:

  • Spoon Lure - This type of tackle features a piece of coloured metal with a hook underneath it. The metal piece wobbles with the current and is meant to imitate a wounded baitfish.

  • Spinner Lures - These feature a metal cylinder that spins the lure as you reel it in. The spinning reflects light and catches the eye of nearby fish. It is most effective when placed in a current like a river or a stream.

  • Soft Plastic Lures - This lure is made from moulded plastic and is shaped like a particular baitfish. They have been designed to feel as real as the living versions and can even be coated in their scent to further entice fish.

  • Jig Lure - These use the head of an artificial fish with a ‘skirt’ of feathers, fabric or rubber beneath it. This lure is meant to ‘jig’ or skip along the ocean floor and kick-up sand to attract fish.

  • Plug Lures - This hard-bodied lure is painted and shaped like a baitfish. Many plugs feature actions such as making noise and diving when being reeled in.

  • Spinnerbait Lures - These are a combination of a jig and spinner lure and attract fish by vibrating, making noise and flashing when being pulled through the water.

  • LED Lures - These lures are designed for the murky depths of deep sea fishing where the lure flashes periodically to attract fish.

We have much more than a wide range of lures for sale online, we also feature lines, hooks, rigs and live or frozen baits for sale to accommodate all your fishing needs. If you need more information on how to get into fishing, have a look at our beginner's guide to fishing!