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What to look for in a fishing jacket?

Where you plan on fishing will dictate which fishing jacket is better suited to you. If you prefer to fish in calm waters on sunny weekends, bomber jacket-style fishing jackets are lightweight and offer more ventilation than other styles. If you love getting into the thick of it and find yourself in wetter conditions, such as fishing on boats or along the coast line where you will likely be sprayed with water, a full-size parka-style fishing jacket will protect you better.

Some features to keep an eye out for include hoods and high collars to keep you warmer and dryer, while adjustable wrists to help fit your jacket better down your arms. Picking a jacket that uses Gore Tex fabric also helps keep the jacket waterproof yet breathable. Some fishing jackets also feature internal pouches and external chest pockets to help store your lures, hooks and spare fishing line.

However, the most important feature of any fishing jacket is its level of waterproofness. Fish love getting wet, but us anglers not so much. Be sure to check the waterproof rating of a jacket before purchasing it. For more information, check out our waterproof clothing guide.