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Kayak Dry Bags

Too many adventurers head out onto the water with their shiny new phone and precious camera, only to have them splashed with water or worse, dropped into the murky depths never to be seen again. This could have easily been prevented by keeping their belongings safe and secure in a dry bag.

Waterproof bags for kayaking

A dry bag is a resealable pack designed to keep the inside contents dry using an airtight seal. They are typically made from nylon and coated in a waterproof silicone spray to seal the gaps in between the threads. A rubber glue backs the stitching seams for added protection. This not only makes the bag water resistant, but also highly durable against abrasions and cuts.

To use a dry bag, first put all the items you wish to keep secure inside it . After that, roll down the stiffening strip once and push all the air out of the bag. You can then roll the strip down another two or three times and buckle together to complete the seal. It is still a good idea to leave a little bit of air in the bag, as it allows it to float if dropped. That said, if any air is able to escape the seal, water can enter the bag and ruin everything inside.

Dry bags for sale in Australia

Dry bags generally come in a wide range of bright colours. This is to make them easy to spot against the water or shoreline if dropped overboard. Dry bags also vary in capacity, with small 5 litre bags suited for housing your phone and camera, while larger 20 litre kayaking dry bags are able to hold food, towels and clothing while out on a day trip

Outdoria features a wide range of waterproof dry bags from great brands like Sea to Summit, Menace Marine and Burke.

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