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Dome tents are such a popular choice among keen Australian campers because they are just so versatile. Depending on make and model, they are suitable for camping in sun, rain and even snow. They range in sleeping capacities from cosy two person shelters to gigantic ten person tents.

Lightweight dome tents online

Dome tents use two or more ‘U’ shaped flexible poles to create the dome structure. They don’t require many parts which makes for a very speedy setup time. Some modern dome tents also feature quick setup systems where poles contract and fold up without leaving the structure of the tent. Although these tents do cost more, they offer great value for the time saved when setting up.

Dome tents for families

Being one of the most popular choices of tents for campers, weight and size is an important factor to consider if you wish to take your dome tent hiking or away from the established campsite.

In terms of size, larger dome tents will be heavier than smaller ones and may require their parts to be distributed amongst travellers to fit in their packs. Bringing several smaller tents is another solution if a larger tent becomes too cumbersome to carry.

The materials of the tent also play a role in it’s weight. Thicker, more waterproof exterior shells will weigh more than thinner, breathable materials. Quick setup mechanisms will also increase the weight of tent. If you plan on carrying your dome tent, check the weight of the tent before you purchase it. The retailer you love may have another model or brand with reduced weight better suited to your needs.

Hiking Tents are another great option for adventurers looking to keep their backpack weight down.

If weight isn’t a concern and will be transporting your tent with a vehicle, look for the most durable and weatherproof dome tent your budget allows or possibly a larger cabin tent to house your group.

We have dome tents for sale from a huge range of Australian brands such as: OZtrail, Coleman, Outdoor Connection and Oztent. There is a dome tent for any adventure here at Outdoria!