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Snorkelling and Diving Masks for Sale Online

Ever since our early ancestors took their first steps on land and adapted to seeing the world in the open air, we haven’t been so good and seeing things underwater. The refraction of light through the water against the human eye makes it nearly impossible to see clearly. That’s why you’ll need to wear a purpose built diving or snorkelling mask on your next adventure beneath the waves.

Types of Dive Masks

There are a huge range of masks out there on the market today. Most masks are constructed from a combination of an elastic rubber strap, silicon skirt, and either plastic or glass lenses. Plastic lenses are okay for snorkelling and shallow diving, but if you are scuba diving you are going to want either a single or double glass lens.

Mask Fit

Your new mask should fit snuggly on your face without letting any water in and without leaving pressure rings on your face when you take it off. A good way to check its fit is to hold the silicon skirt against your face without the strap and without any hair between the skirt and your face which can break the seal. Press it gently to your face and inhale through your nose. The mask should hold easily on your face with just a little pressure. Your mask stays on your face because of the seal formed by the skirt and your skin, not because of the force of the strap.

Home to a Huge Range of Diving and Snorkelling Gear

If you are planning on heading out snorkelling or diving, you are going to need a purpose built diving mask. It’s a good thing you’ve come to Outdoria because our massive online marketplace is home to a huge selection of brands such as Aqua Lung, Cressi and Head. You'll find many stores and private sellers marketing a huge range of different diving masks suited to different diving disciplines.

Whether you are heading out to cruise along the surface watching the fishes swim past below, you are just going to the pool to swim a few laps, or you are planning on diving down deep and exploring the ocean’s vast reef systems, there is a mask for you at our marketplace.

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