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Snorkelling and Diving Fins for Sale Online

If you’ve ever been snorkelling or diving without a pair of fins, you’ll know that not only is it nearly impossible, but it is one of the most frustrating experiences you can have. There is nothing worse than spotting a beautiful sea turtle and watching it slowly cruise out of sight because you can’t keep up.

At Outdoria we’ve got the solution to that problem: a set of specially designed diving fins.

Snorkelling and diving fins are modelled on the sea creatures that we set out to observe beneath the waves; designed to flex with each kick, they provide additional propulsion underwater – something you’re especially going to need if you have a dive tank, regulator, mask and wetsuit to lug around as well.

Different Types of Fins

There are two main types of fin to choose from: open heel and full-foot fins.

  • Open heel fins are great for cold water conditions as they allow you to wear booties as well.

  • Full-foot fins are perfect for warmer conditions as they fit snuggly to your bare foot.


At our marketplace you’ll find fins constructed from variety of materials, from affordable plastic fins great for snorkelling to more advanced technologies using split-fin construction to propel you even faster through the water.

A Huge Range of Diving and Snorkelling Products

Using our sophisticated search engine, you’re able to browse a great range of products from a number of cool brands, stores and private sellers. You'll find fins from great brands such as: Aqua Lung, Ocean Pro, and Tusa all in one convenient location online. You can compare price, quality and fin type before you buy: Outdoria is your number one online marketplace for all things outdoors.

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