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All-Terrain Excitement

The beauty of a dirt bike is that, unlike the name suggests, they are capable of tackling a whole range of diverse terrain, not just dirt. Whether you prefer blasting across sand dunes or getting waist-deep in muddy water, a dirt bike will carry you through thick and thin on any off-road adventure you have in mind.

Ultimate flexibility

Small displacement dirt bikes are compact enough to be transported inside the passageways of a caravan, or even better, in the rear storage area of a toy hauler. Bringing a dirt bikes opens more opportunities to explore forgotten trails unseen by many other road travellers, or it lets you quickly pop out for the forgotten milk.

Types of dirt bikes

Dirt bikes range in engine capacities, which is typically measured in cubic centimetres (cc for short). Although not always true, the larger the engine in the bike, the more powerful it is and the faster it will go.

  • Although primarily designed for competition,motocross bikes work just as well on the trails as they do on the off-road race track. Most don’t feature mirrors, indicators or brake lights, meaning that to make them road-legal, you will have to add those accessories.

  • Fun bikes are meant to be just that, a compact, low displacement dirt bike, great for ripping around and having fun with. Many feature a clutchless gearing system, perfect for children and those who aren’t confident with operating a motorcycle clutch.

  • If you thought dirt bikes only came on two wheels you would be wrong. Quad bikes are a cross between dirt bike and car. You still get the off-road capabilities of a dirt bike but get the stability of four wheels in a compact platform.

  • Enduro dirt bikes often come road legal from the factory. This allows them to be used on the trail and on public roads, where for most other dirt bikes it is illegal. Enduro bikes are seen as the ‘jack-of-all-trades’ in dirt bikes, as they feel just as home on the rough trails as they do in the grassy paddock.

Once you have had a spin on a dirt bike you’ll be hooked! And if you are much like us, you will also try and persuade the rest of the family on your newfound addiction. To help you out with this, have a look at our ultimate guide to kids dirt bikes!