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Cooking Equipment


Cooking up a feast

Outdoria features a huge range of camping cookware for sale, enabling you to create fantastic dishes while standing up to the harsh conditions of the outdoors. Whether you plan to cook over an open fire or use gas or electricity, there is no longer any excuse for feeding the family cold canned peaches for dinner.

Billy cans - the multitool of camp cooking gear

A Billycan or Billy is an extremely versatile cooking utensil. Billies are perfect for heating up liquids such as tea, soup or for using as a saucepan. A billy is a must have on any camping trip, especially if you plan to purify fresh stream water by boiling it. For example, you can cook an omelette in a plastic bag using a billy can and a camp stove.

Camp stoves for creating real meals

There is a huge range of portable camping stoves out there on the market making cooking easy in the outdoors. Typically run on small refillable gas bottles, these cooking stoves come in a range of sizes from the very compact (that can fit in a pocket of your pack) to larger options that you might set up on a collapsible camping table. If you are taking the 4WD or the RV to your campsite, why not take a small barbecue?

Alongside your future cooker, you can also find all of the utensils you need to enjoy your meal cooked in the great outdoors as well. From mugs & cups to pots & pans, kettles, and plates, Outdoria has all the camp cooking gear you need to leave the baked beans behind, and cook what you really want next camping trip.

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