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If like us, you love everything about the great outdoors, then there is a good chance you also wish you could live there too. Caravans and RV’s (recreational vehicles) let you do just that! RVs are designed to enable you to spend the night (or nights!) at your favourite holiday destinations without the need of renting accommodation…because it’s with you, self-contained either within your trailer or – as in the case of the motorhome – within your vehicle itself.

Features & Amenities for your RV

RVs come in a huge range of configurations today. Depending on your intended activity in the great outdoors, there is certainly an RV to suit your needs. They are available in both on-road and off-road variants to suit your intended purpose. RVs can be divided into different classes based on their form and functionality and can be customised to incorporate a range of features in their layout - both internally and externally.

At Outdoria we use the term RV to refer to all recreational vehicles, from motorhomes to bus conversions. Outdoria is home to a range of RV listings including caravans, pop tops, motorhomes, toy haulers, and camper trailers.

RVs come with a range of amenities depending on their size and configuration. Typically they will come stock standard with a kitchen, bathroom, sleeping berths, storage compartments, and external towing capabilities.

Transform your RV with Accessories

You can really make yourself feel at home on your camping adventures by customising the interior layout of your RV and by upgrading it to include additional features that enable it to do even more…

  • Are you mad keen on cycling like we are? Take the bikes with and explore remote trails by fitting a bike carrier to your RV.

  • Afraid you will miss your favourite shows? You don’t have to if you install a satellite TV dish…

  • Passionate about preserving the environment? Upgrade to solar panel power and you will soon find you are spending less time charging batteries and more time on the road exploring nature!

  • Some RVs can even be fitted with towing systems so that you can take the boat or a small personal water craft to your holiday by the river, lake or ocean.

  • It can be a pain getting out to check on your water and waste tank levels all the time. Why not install a resource monitor system so that you can check your power usage and tank levels from the comfort of the cabin?

Take your RV (almost) Anywhere

Campgrounds are popular places for owners of caravans and RVs to park up overnight while on their holiday. Registered campgrounds offer you access to their amenities for a fee. You will be able to have a shower and use the bathroom facilities and if you upgrade to a powered site, you can recharge your camper’s batteries and power your devices directly from the site itself.

Stay directly in the heart of the great outdoors at a national park. Camping at parks is often free, just make sure you have permission. Parks often rely on donations for their upkeep, so be sure to leave a few dollars to help with maintenance and to help fund any current conservation efforts.

Don't forget the number one rule of staying overnight in the great outdoors: take out more than you take in and help so your bit for the outdoor world we all love to explore!

If you're looking for more advice for your next journey head over to our editorial section where we create and curate expert advice for caravanning, camping, and other outdoor activities!