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From what started as humble beginnings, the great Australian caravan has become a testament to our love of adventure and the great outdoors. They provide tranquillity, serenity and a hassle-free lifestyle while still maintaining all the comforts of home. Perfect for any restless adventurer who can’t commit to one great campsite, a caravan means you can pack up and leave whenever you want and move onto your next exciting destination.

What is a caravan?

‘A vehicle equipped for living in, typically towed by a car and used for holidays.’ That is the classic dictionary definition of what is a caravan. Although correct, the caravan has become a symbol of freedom and adventure filled with personal comforts to make life on the road pleasurable. Kitchens, bathrooms, bedrooms and refrigeration are just a few of the amenities you would find in your new caravan.

With the increasing popularity of caravans, manufacturers created new, innovative variations to suit anyone's needs. In addition to the new and used caravans for sale that you’ll find on this page, other variations include:

  • 5th wheelers are large caravans hitched to the tray of a ute using a similar method to that of a commercial truck.

  • Pop tops feature expandable roofs to create a streamlined profile while being towed, then raise up once at your campsite.

  • Toy haulers are caravans with a dedicated garage area at the rear of the vehicle to house your bicycles, dirt bikes or even jet ski when you camp.

  • Camper trailers are smaller, lighter and more versatile than normal caravans, with the trade-off being fewer amenities and creature comforts inside the trailer.

  • Off-road caravans and other off-road variations have upgraded suspension, sturdy chassis and all-terrain tyres to handle the rough conditions when venturing on the path less travelled.

We have some of the biggest and best brands in new and second hand caravan sales here on Outdoria. Jayco, Supreme, Olympic, Kokoda and Paramount to name a few of our leading Australian and international brands found online.

Your next big adventure

Want to join in on the adventure of a lifetime? Check out our guides to buying a pre-loved or brand new caravan today!

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