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The spirit of the nomadic caravan remains alive to this day with more and more outdoor adventurers hitting the road, their homes right behind them.

The modern caravan is a luxurious portable home on wheels, providing you with everything you might find in a small city apartment in the heart of the outdoors. Your new caravan is easily towed behind your vehicle to your holiday destination, parked up, and left at your campsite so you can explore more easily knowing that your home is secure and saving your campsite for your return.

On and Off-Road Caravan Models

Caravans are available in both on-road and off-road options catering to all levels of adventurousness. Off-road caravans come fitted with advanced suspension systems, a reinforced chassis, and optional features like external showers for washing off the mud after a day towing allowing the unbeaten path.

Customising Your Caravan

Caravans come in a range of sizes and styles suited to your taste and intended use. There are an almost infinite number of customisable options available to you when purchasing your new RV. Your RV’s cabin, bathroom, kitchen, dining areas, exterior and towing capabilities can all be customised and upgraded to so that your RV is unique and capable of even more.

  • Love the outdoors, but also love films? You can upgrade your caravan to include satellite TV and enjoy your favourite films even when you’re parked in the middle of nowhere.

  • Love to entertain your friends? Why not upgrade to a slide-out barbeque and surprise your friends by pulling it from the side of you caravan and cooking a feast?

  • Are you a mad keen cyclist? You can easily have bike racks installed so you can take the MTB or road bike on your trip.

If you’re spending extended periods of time way out in the remote countryside (or if you just love the environment) you might like to install solar panel power ensuring you can run your electronic devices for days on end. Installing a resource monitor system might be a good idea so that you can keep track of your caravan’s power levels and diagnostics.

Where Can I Take My Caravan?

The world is your figurative oyster with a modern caravan. You will never be stuck for places to visit, destinations at which you can park up to spend the night and experience the wilderness.

Try out your local national park: camping is often completely free, or permissible by donation which can be left in an honesty box going towards the upkeep of the park and to fund the conservation of wildlife. Make sure you take out what you take in; in fact, better yet, try and take out more than what you take in and help preserve the park for future generations.

If you need to recharge or dump waste, registered campgrounds are a good check point on your trip. Hook up to power, use the facilities, empty your waste and top up your water for a small nightly fee.

Looking at buying second hand but not sure where to begin, check our guide to buying a used caravan online.