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Keep your waste secure

Separating your waste into different tanks quickens the dumping process when they become full. Grey water is dirty water that is still safe to use on gardens and as toilet flushing water. Black water is sewage that needs to be deposited into a caravan parks dump point. It is crucial to keep these two tanks separate from your fresh water supply, so as not to contaminate it.

Outdoria features a wide range of fixed and portable waste tanks for sale that can be installed on most RVs. Most standard grey and black water waste tanks take around seven to 10 days to fill. Larger capacity tanks, generally 80 litres and above, can last a travelling couple two weeks before dumping is required.

Where to dump my waste?

Not every caravan park you visit will have a dump point for your waste. Be sure to check in advance if a park has one or not if you are needing to deposit your waste. Those caravan parks that do have dump sites typically offer it as a free service to travellers who stay the night. Otherwise, you may have to pay a fee if you are just stopping through.