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Reverse in Safety

Often, reversing your caravan requires an extra pair of eyes to help get it onto its site. Although enjoyable the first few times, backing your caravan into its resting place every few nights becomes a tiresome chore.

A reverse camera for your RV allows you view the blind spot behind your caravan. This not only makes reversing easy, but it allows you to spot hazards such as tree stumps, pot holes and rocky outcrops before you reach them.

When deciding which caravan reverse camera to purchase, it is important to consider the following factors:

  • Viewing Angle: You need to choose a camera that shows a fairly wide field of view, while also providing clarity when judging depth. 90 degrees is seen as a good angle that balances field of view and clarity of depth.

  • Separate vs. Complete: Buying a system in separate parts allows you to customise your system to your liking. However, buying a complete system guarantees that all the parts will work together and comes with instructions.

  • Integrated LEDs: Choosing a kit that comes with a light source such as a light bar or integrated LEDs allows you to better see the camera feed in low light situations.

  • Audio Connected: Although not completely necessary, having a camera that is able to transmit audio allows you to better understand instructions and your surroundings while reversing.

  • Size of Screen: A bigger screen allows you to see the reverse camera’s feed in better detail. An alternative is to purchase a model that clips over your rear-view mirror so you can watch the camera and your mirror at the same time.

  • Forward-motion Capable: This allows the camera to be used while the vehicle is driving, not just in reverse. This is handy for seeing the traffic behind you, especially during overtaking and merging.

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