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If the thought of living, cooking and sleeping inside a dirty caravan makes you shudder, bringing the necessary cleaning products and tools with you on your adventures should be high on your checklist.

Exterior Cleaning

Properly washing and cleaning the outside of your RV extends the life of your paintwork and helps protect it from rain and the sun’s damaging rays. We feature a variety of caravan and RV specific cleaning products designed for use on plastic and fiberglass surfaces without damaging the finish. Bug removing spray can safely clear insects from the outside of your RV too.

After you have washed your caravan, we suggest using wax to help keep water away from the paint.

Interior Cleaning

The inside of your caravan is where you will be spending large quantities of time sleeping, cooking and relaxing on rainy days. So why not treat it like your actual home and keep it nice and clean too? We have products suited for any indoor surface, including streak-free glass spray, multi-purpose sprays and vinyl surface cleaners.

Once your caravan is nice and squeaky clean, check out our big range of cabin and kitchen accessories for sale to spruce up your caravan or RV even further!

DIY Maintenance

Is your pride and joy starting to show it’s age? Maybe you have been a little rough with your RV recently going up and down some bumpy roads? Have a look at our online maintenance products range to find the right tools to perform basic repairs and maintenance on your caravan. We have everything from touch up paints, to super-strong glue and sealants for sale, great for any small repair job.