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Caravan Cookhouse

Some modern caravans have kitchens that rival what’s found in many homes. That being said, if you don’t have the right accessories to go with your amazing kitchen, you might become limited in what you can create when away from home.

  • High quality pots and pans are lightweight, nonstick and long-lasting, meaning less time scraping off impossible stains and more time relaxing after dinner.

  • Safety equipment such as fire extinguishers, gas detectors, fire blankets and smoke alarms are crucial for emergency circumstances. In the unlikely event of a fire, you need the equipment to keep your family and vehicle safe. First aid kits are always handy for those unplanned cuts and bruises when out adventuring too.

  • Other accessories such as dish racks, utensils and rubbish bins help tidy and personalise your living space into your own piece of paradise.

If your kitchen fixtures are in need of an update, we also feature a wide range of kitchen accessories online to transform your cooking space into a kitchen other campers will be envious of.

  • Updating your fridge and freezer to a modern appliance is a great way to save power and increase capacity. Older fridges were not nearly as energy or space efficient as current models. Modern fridges and freezers are also more portable, meaning when it’s not used in the caravan, you can use it in your home as an additional cooler.

  • As cooktops, gas burners and ovens age over time, the seals and connections slowly wear down. Although unlikely to end in catastrophe, upgrading your stove top and oven will modernise your cooking experience. Contemporary caravan cooktops cook your food faster and use less gas to operate the burners. Many deluxe models also feature an oven and a grill built into them to increase the variety of ways to create tasty meals.

  • Other appliances such as microwaves, slow cookers and pressure cookers spice up your meal collection and offer many different ways to produce great food.

Outdoria has every caravan kitchen essential you could possibly need. We even have gear for when you feel like cooking up a feast outside instead. Camp ovens, BBQs, portable stove tops – we have all the gear online you need to become the king or queen of caravan and camp cooking.