Caravan Jacks


Hydraulic Caravan Jacks

RV manufacturers often don’t include a jack as standard on their caravans. This can be troublesome for unaware owners when they happen to get a tyre puncture or need to check the undercarriage of their vehicle. Although it is possible to use a standard car jack, they are very difficult to use as they were not intended for use on a caravan.

Instead, many seasoned caravanners opt for a hydraulic caravan jack. These have been designed to be able to lift the immense weight of a caravan, while also easily fitting under the RV. Some hydraulic caravan jacks work automatically to raise the chassis, while most instead require hand cranking to raise the piston.

Before selecting a caravan jack, make sure it is able to support the weight of your RV. To do this, divide your GVM in two. This is because the jack will only need to lift one side of the caravan, not both. If the jack is rated to more than this number, it will support the weight of your RV, if the number is over the jack’s rated weight, search for a different model, as the jack will break under the load.

Caravan jacks are not to be confused with jack stabilisers, which are used to level out your caravan on uneven surfaces, not raise it off the ground for extended periods of time.