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Camping Water Bottles for Sale

When you are out taking on the wild, it’s important to make sure you carry enough water with you for the day’s adventures. Reusable water bottles are the perfect companion on any camping adventure.

Camping water bottles come in a huge range of materials, designs and closure options. Some feature filtration systems to eliminate waterborne viruses and contaminants while others feature additional insulation, such as aluminium water bottles, to keep cold drinks crisp and hot drinks toasty warm.

Different water bottles use different closure systems. Screw-top lids, as the name suggests, tighten into the top of the bottle to create a leak-proof seal. Pop-cap lids open by either pressing a switch to release the cap or pulling the cap up yourself. Flip-straw lids open and close by folding the straw up or down.

Types of camping water bottle materials

You might think water bottles only come in plastic. This is true for your supermarket variety water bottle but camping water bottles are made to be more durable and practical while out in the wild.

Plastic camping water bottles are a favourite choice amongst adventurers. They are inexpensive, versatile and come in the largest range of sizes and colours. Plastic can also be moulded, easily allowing for ergonomically designed bottles. Most plastic camping water bottles are free of BPA, which is a chemical commonly found in recyclable single-use drink bottles. According to health organisations, BPA is safe in small doses. If you are concerned about it, we suggest only buying a labelled BPA-free plastic water bottle or buying a different material such as glass.

Aluminium camping water bottles are extremely durable and if properly taken care of, would likely outlive the user. They are slightly heavier than rigid plastic bottles but can suffer extreme abuse without ever leaking. Scratches and dents can occur to the smooth finish but won’t damage the structure of the bottle. Camping aluminium water bottles retain heat better than other materials and are often used a thermos’ to insulate hot drinks.

Glass camping water bottles are sturdy and feature crack resistant designs. Although not as durable as aluminium or plastic bottles, glass is stylish and keeps your water pure, as there is no flavour loss. Silicon sleeves are used to help users grip the bottle and provide extra protection against breaking.

Collapsible camping water bottles fold up into compact, tight packages perfect for lightweight travelling. As you drink the water in the bottle, the container becomes smaller and lighter. Collapsible bottles are best used as a spare bottle you can fill up anytime due to their small folded size.

For more information, head over to our guide about reusable water bottles!