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Camping Tools for Sale

Ever headed into the bush and forgot your camping tools? We have before. It’s not a fun time having to jury-rig together some makeshift tools from bits and pieces around the campsite, just to bang in a few tent pegs or cut up the firewood. Be prepared for any situation with our range of camping tools for sale on Outdoria!

What camping tools do I need?

Although you may not use every one of these tools on your next camping trip, you would be kicking yourself if a situation arose where you needed a tool, yet decided not to bring it. Each tool has been specially designed with camping in mind. They incorporate lightweight, durable designs in a compact platform. Outdoria features a wide range of camping tools for sale, including:

  • Multi-tools are the jack-of-all-trades in camping tools. As the name suggests, a multi-tool is a single device that features a wide range of tools inside the folding unit. Screwdrivers, serrated and straight blades, bottle openers, pliers, scissors, wire strippers, files and saws are just some of the things you can find on a multi-tool. A multi-tool is any adventurer’s best friend.

  • If you are heading far from civilisation, a knife or machete is an important piece of kit to bring with you. They have been designed with multiple purposes in mind, such as; being used as a lever, cutting up your food and batoning firewood.

  • Camping shovels have many uses beyond that of its gardening cousin. First of all, most camping shovels feature a lightweight folding design to minimise space and maximise weight savings. They also feature pointed tips for basic cutting and a wide blade, great for digging emergency toilet stops while on the trail.

  • Bending too many tent pegs when you beat them in with a rock? Give a camping hammer a try instead. The flat surface ensures your pegs go in straight every time. Some hammers even come with a hook on the handle to pull out those same pesky pegs when packing up.

  • Camping axes are perfect for lopping down trees and cutting firewood into manageable sizes. Just don’t get too excited and remember to leave some trees for other campers.

  • Ideally used to cut small branches for firewood or to clear an area to place a tent, a camping saw makes building your ideal campfire quick and easy. Saws are also useful for impromptu trail maintenance, where low hanging branches make it difficult for fellow hikers to proceed.

  • Much like how your toolbox at home holds your wrenches and spanners, a camping tool box is used to safely house all your camping tools while you travel. It makes finding the exact tool you need easy, so as long as you put it back in there last time.

For more ideas on what to bring when camping, head over to our ‘Top Five Essentials for Camping’!