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Camping Tarps for Sale

Any experienced camper or hiker will tell you a tarp is worth its weight in gold. Tarps are large, inexpensive sheets of waterproof fabric, typically made from woven polyethylene. Most campers use them underneath their tents to better insulate the underside. However, camping tarps have a multitude of different uses, including:

  • Providing additional waterproofing over your tent’s fly, as we show in our rain camping guide.
  • As a makeshift picnic rug
  • Can be set up as a bivouac for additional shelter
  • Create a wall to block the wind from entering your campsite
  • Cover your firewood so to keep moisture out of it
  • Collect water in survival situations
  • Provide shade on hot summer’s days

These are just a few examples of why a tarp is needed on your next camping trip!

Outdoria features a wide range of heavy duty camping tarps for tents and other camping applications for sale. For more ideas on other camping essentials, check out our guide on what to bring on your next camping holiday!