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Camping Tables for Sale

Being able to comfortably eat while camping is an affordable luxury. Camping tables mean less time crouched over your food and more time spreading out and enjoying the great outdoors with friends and family. At Outdoria, you’ll find an awesome range of lightweight portable camping tables for sale to take on your next grand adventure.

What to look for in your next camping table?

When shopping for camping tables online, you’ll want to consider some key factors before making your purchase:

  • Weight - While you want the table to be sturdy, you don’t want it to be heavy. Most aren’t, but some are lighter than most. If you’re planning on carrying it long distances, look for the lightest one. Camping tables with storage tend to be heavier than more basic models too.

  • Size - Anticipate what you’ll be using your camping table for to select the right size. Bringing a small card table to a large family gathering might be good for putting the salad bowl on, but impossible for your group to sit around. Consider who is coming and what they are bringing when choosing the size of your table.

  • Material - While most camping tables are waterproof, some have metal parts that can rust. Look for rust-free options for a better long-term value. Plastic tends to be heavier than wooden tables, with the trade-off being increased weatherproofing and lower price. Quality aluminium tables typically offer low weight, height strength and rust-free longevity.

Whichever outdoor folding camping table you need, Outdoria has you covered. We have a wide range of folding camping tables for sale to make every meal great.