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Camping Stove


Portable Camping Stoves for Sale

Becoming a camping masterchef has never been easier. Create delicious meals anywhere in the wild with the help of a portable camp stove. From Spicy Jerk Chicken & Couscous to Campfire Quesadillas, anything is possible when cooking on a portable camp stove.

Gas stoves for camping - which one to take?

Although there is no right or wrong answer when asking which portable camping stove to take, some are better suited to particular environments than others.

Liquid fuel camp stoves use refillable LPG tanks to power the appliance. They are usually larger, have more burners and use windshields to protect the flame. They can be used with large pots and pans easily and feature removable drip trays for convenient cleaning.

Cartridge camp stoves use small butane gas cartridges to power the burners. They are lightweight and feature an electric ignition system to light the gas. Most cartridge stoves feature only a single gas burner while a few larger ones contain two. Unlike liquid fuel stoves, the gas cartridges used are not refillable so always bring spares.

Hiking camp stoves are ultra-lightweight single burner stoves designed to be screwed onto the top of self-sealing gas canisters. These canisters contain a mix of isobutane and propane to create a highly pressurised fuel for your stove. Most hiking stoves weigh less than 100 grams, not including the canister, making them ideal for when a larger liquid fuel stove is too cumbersome to take.

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