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Camping Showers for Sale

Even the roughest and toughest of outdoor adventurers enjoy a nice, relaxing shower from time to time. When you’re headed out in into the bush, you will find a portable camping shower is one of the best pieces of equipment to bring along with you. Not only does it keep you clean and refreshed, they are lightweight and can use recycled water to lower your environmental footprint.

Types of Camp Showers

While all of our outdoor portable camping showers will keep you clean when you need it, there a few different types to consider when bringing one on your next adventure.

Solar power camping showers

By harnessing the power of the sun, these compact camp showers are extremely easy to use. To heat up the water, you first must fill up the bag, possibly from the local creek or river you’re staying at, then leave it in the sun for around three hours. After that, your hot water will be ready to use! Solar power shower bags come in a variety of volumes for your needs. When considering which size to purchase, roughly 20L of water will last you for one long 10-minute shower or several shorter showers.

Water heater camping showers

These devices are the most luxurious way to enjoy a wash while exploring the outdoors. Similar to your shower at home, water heater showers pump water from an external container through its system to give you a warm, relaxing soak after a long day. Most come with two different sources of power, either a rechargeable battery pack or propane cartridges. This gives you flexibility when you are away for longer periods of time.

Camping shower bags

For the space-conscious camper, camping shower bags are designed to hold large amounts of water in a compact platform. To use a shower bag, you must first fill it then hang it from a suitable area, such as a tree branch. Just open the valve and the water inside will refresh you. Camping shower bags are made from canvas and can be easily rolled up and stored while travelling.

Shower enclosures and accessories

Need some privacy while soaking it up? A shower enclosure keeps you away from prying eyes of the locals. Their setup is similar to a tent, using a collapsible pole system to quickly raise it in minutes. Shower tents also work well as shelter for toilets and change rooms on your campsite.

Outdoria features many accessories for your camping shower experience. From shower heads to shower stands, we have camp showers for sale from leading brands online to make sure you stay clean while away. If you’re new to camping or just want to refresh your memory, check out our Ultimate Camping Guide for Beginners for more suggestions on your next trip.