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Camping Pillows for Sale

Camping pillows provide comfort and support for your head while sleeping. Nothing’s worse than waking up with a stiff neck because you didn’t think you would need a pillow.

Camping pillows come in two different styles depending on where you plan on using them.

Inflatable camping pillows are designed to be used by weight-conscious campers such as hikers and mountain climbers. Most feature an inflatable design similar to a [sleeping mat], where all you need to do is open the valve and it will self-inflate. Others may require manual inflation if this feature is not included. Inflatable camping pillows are generally only used when sleeping due to their small size.

Outdoor pillows are much larger and resemble the pillows you have on your couch at home. They feature a pillow case designed for outdoor use, which is generally made from tough polyester making them waterproof and UV resistant. These are used as pillows when you are sleeping and around the campsite on [chairs and stools]. However, these pillows tend to be very bulky and are only carried by car campers or in an RV.

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