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Camping Kettles for Sale

Being able to boil water while camping opens a world of new cooking opportunities. Not just great for your daily tea, coffee or hot chocolate, bringing a kettle while camping means you can cook food that requires boiling water, such as; hot dogs, porridge, eggs, pasta, potatoes and the always-a-smash-hit, two-minute noodles.

If you are looking for a hearty meal, check out our omelette in a bag recipe that you wouldn’t be able to cook without boiling water!

Types of camping kettles

Much like pots, pans and woks, camping kettles come in a variety of materials and capacities.

  • Aluminium camping kettles are lightweight and offer an inexpensive option that is great for campers, hikers and road travellers alike. Aluminium camping kettles are fairly durable but require care to keep the finish shiny.

  • Stainless steel camping kettles are heavier and typically more expensive than aluminium. That being said, it is far more durable and only weighs slightly more. Stainless steel camping kettles are better suited to people camping out of their cars or caravanners who aren’t counting kilograms.

  • Enamel camping kettles have a coating which is applied to steel or cast iron to help improve its original characteristics. An enamel finish typically looks like speckles and greatly increases the heat conduction of a camping kettle. Enamel doesn’t transfer the flavour of the base material. However, in areas where the enamel coating is scratched or chipped, it’s effectiveness is decreased significantly.

  • Titanium camping kettles are favoured by hikers due to their extremely low weight and high durability. These camping kettles are more expensive than any other type of kettle but offer fast boil times due to the thinness of the material.

  • Collapsible camping kettles are another great alternative for people who need to pack light but can’t afford titanium, or need to save space in the car. The base of the kettle is made from stainless steel, while the body is crafted from silicone. They are designed to be used on a camp stove or RV stovetop and cannot be used on an open fire, as the silicone would melt.

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