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Camping Jaffle Irons for Sale

The jaffle is a staple meal of many outdoor adventurers. Giving you the ability to whack any filling you like between two bits of bread and toast it to your liking over an open fire, the jaffle iron makes for an extremely versatile piece of camping cookware.

Most camping jaffle irons are made from cast iron which, although heavy, is great for conducting heat and cooking your jaffle to perfection. Camping jaffle irons also feature long metal handles with insulated grips to help reach the centre of your camp fire safely.

You can use it for every meal, including dessert (chocolate and marshmallows is a favourite of the Outdoria crew). Common savoury fillings include baked beans, canned spaghetti, cheese with ham and beef mince. That being said, half the fun is experimenting with fillings. So grab your own camping jaffle iron to find the ultimate flavour combination.

Single, double and jumbo camping jaffle irons

Sometimes one jaffle just isn’t enough. That’s why we feature a wide range of double and jumbo sized camping jaffle irons for sale – perfect for groups or the super hungry adventurer.

If you are looking to expand your camping cookbook beyond jaffles, check out our recipes for campfire quesadillas, omelets, spicy jerk chicken with couscous and ramen noodle soup.