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Camping Heaters for Sale

No one enjoys waking up on a chilly morning with no way to warm up. Bringing a portable camping heater allows you to stay warm throughout the night and wake up to a comfortable temperature (until you open the tent that is).

Camping heaters typically operate using portable gas canisters. Small camping heaters tend to use propane, while some larger ones use LPG cylinders. Be sure to check whether your camping heater can be used inside a tent, as some more powerful models will require ventilation for the exhaust to escape.

Heaters are rated in BTU, which dictates the rate at which the fuel is burned. The lower the BTU output, the less heat it will produce and energy it will consume. Therefore, if you are planning on camping in the winter, using a heater that can output over 5000 BTU is optimal, while spring and autumn camping may only require a unit that produces less than 5000 BTU.

Camping Fans for Sale

Camping fans will keep you cool in the tent and around the campsite on those hot summer days. Unlike a camping heater, most portable fans are powered by electricity and can be safely used inside a tent. However, most camping fans run off rechargeable batteries, meaning that they can only operate for around seven hours before they need recharging. This may be a problem for those who plan to be away from power for days on end.

Buying a camping fan that runs off non-rechargeable batteries is another way to keep your fan running, but will require bringing additional batteries to keep it powered.

If you are looking for something for your caravan instead, check out our range of RV heaters and air conditioners for sale!