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Camping Fridges and Coolers for Sale

Camping is all about getting away from modern conveniences and enjoying nature in all of its unadulterated glory. Even when roughing it, it’s important to take along items that can help you have a safe, comfortable and enjoyable time. That’s why Outdoria offers a huge selection of camping fridges and coolers for sale online. For food and drinks that need to stay cold, as well as fish that you catch and then cook at home, it’s important you have the right sized esky, cooler or camping fridge for the job.

Which is the right camping fridge and cooler for you?

We have a diverse range of camping eskies, fridges and coolers for any outdoor adventure. From small two litre units that easily keep your drink bottles cold, to gigantic 200 litre ice boxes that preserve your fishing catches, we have all sizes in between for any situation.

When shopping for a camping fridge and cooler, you have plenty of choices. Consider the following before making your final decision:

  • Battery-powered vs. standard - While battery-powered camping fridges cost more, they offer longer cooling time and more peace of mind. With a battery-powered fridge, you don’t have to worry about switching out the cooling device, such as ice blocks, or be concerned about your food spoiling and making you sick. However, for shorter trips, a more economical standard cooler would make sense.

  • Size - If you’re travelling long distances on foot, you’ll want a lightweight esky. Choose a smaller size that accommodates what you want to bring. On the other hand, if you’re now hauling your cooler around in a vehicle, a larger camping fridge lets you store more items cold for longer.

  • Material - You can find eskies in a variety of materials. The thicker the insulation, the longer cooling time you’ll enjoy. Also, consider how you can keep your esky clean. You may be able to throw it in the dishwasher for easy cleaning or wash it out with a hose if it’s a larger size.

Beat the heat with a portable camping esky

No more drinking luke-warm water on that hot summer’s day. Leave your beverages in the camping fridge or cooler and enjoy a more refreshing experience with Outdoria today. We have more than just the gear you can trust, we also offer insider knowledge on all things outdoor. Head over to our blog to stay updated on your favourite outdoor pastimes or to discover new ones!