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Camping Coffee Makers for Sale

We all love our coffee. There is no mistaking that smell when you brew up a fresh batch each morning before you head out on your adventures. Many campers believe that they must forgo such luxuries when they decide to spend the night in the wild. This is luckily not the case and coffee addicts can rejoice in portable camp coffee makers.

Types of camp coffee makers

Depending on whether you are hiking, caravanning or camping with your car, there is a portable camp coffee maker for sale on Outdoria perfect for you!

LPG camping coffee makers use an internal brewing system, much like your coffee machine at home. They are powered by a portable gas cylinder, similar to a camp stove and use filters to strain the coffee. Although larger than other camp coffee brewers, LPG coffee makers are the most luxurious way to create coffee while away from home. Due to their large size, this type of coffee maker is better suited to caravanners and adventurers who have plenty of room to spare.

Filter-style camping coffee makers such as teabag filters and drip filters are a compact way to enjoy coffee while camping. These types of camp coffee makers feature the grounds put inside the filter, which then boiling water is run through them. You will need a kettle or another way to boil water if using this method. Filter style coffee makers are great for hikers and those who are tight on space.

Stovetop camping coffee makers work by boiling the water and coffee at the same time over a stove. The grounds and water is placed in the bottom section of the pot, which then once boiled, rises with the steam through a pipe into the top section of the pot. Stovetop coffee makers are the quickest method of brewing coffee while camping.

Plunger camping coffee makers, also known as French Press or percolator coffee makers, work by filtering the coffee as you press down on them. This allows the water to be ‘pressed out’ from the grounds. The longer you leave the coffee brewing in the pot without plunging it, the stronger it will be. These coffee makers are ideal for people who like to pick the strength of their coffee each time they make one.

Electric camping coffee makers are similar to LPG coffee makers, but use batteries or a cigarette lighter adapter for your car to power the coffee machine. They are not suitable for hiking as they weigh a fair bit more than other types of coffee makers.

Pressurised camping coffee makers use a hand pump to force the boiling water through a coffee pod or grounds. They are one of the lightest and smallest types of camping coffee makers – perfect for hiking with. However, these coffee makers have an extremely small capacity, usually only being able to hold a single shot or so of coffee in system each use.

Once you have grabbed your new camping coffee maker, why not check out the rest of our camp cookware and equipment to make sure you can cook a hot meal to go with your coffee.