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Camping Bedding for Sale

Don’t let your camping trip be ruined through bad sleep. Using camping bedding, such as an air mattress or sleeping mat will save your body from the hard ground and improve your sleep.

Types of camping bedding

Outdoria features a wide range of camping bedding solutions. From air mattresses to stretchers and sleeping mats, we have everything you need to get the rest a tired adventurer needs. Here is a quick rundown on the different types of camping bedding.

Inflatable air mattresses are thick, comfortable and perfect for camping or using as a spare bed at home. To use, first you must blow air into the mattress. Once firm and inflated, close the valve and enjoy! If you’re running out of puff, Outdoria has a range of mattress pumps or sale to make setup even easier. To deflate, simply open the valve and roll out the remaining air.

Camping stretchers elevate weary campers off the ground in a portable, folding bed. The added height helps keep insects away from you and stabilises you across uneven surfaces. They provide campers with a comfortable bed and can be combined with other camping or hiking mattresses for the ultimate luxury camping bed.

Camp sleeping mats are most commonly designed for lightweight hiking and backpacking as they are able to roll up into a tight bundle and be attached to the outside of your pack.

Foam mats are available in two common forms, the first being the simple yoga-mat style. This option is often the most cost effective and provides a thin layer of foam between you and the ground. The second choice is self-inflating mattresses, which use thick compressed foam that absorb air for additional comfort. This allows them to soak up all the uncomfortable bumps and give you a restful sleep, while still being packable in the morning.

Once you have chosen your bed, have a look at Outdoria’s huge range of sleeping bags for sale to keep you relaxed and comfortable all night long.