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Camping BBQs For Sale

Camping doesn’t mean you have to survive on trail mix alone. There is a whole world of camping BBQs that allow you to up your outdoor cooking game and enjoy great tasting meals. At Outdoria, we have a range of options for those who prefer to bring their own barbecue, or even cook over their freshly made campfire.

Gas BBQs are a great option for any outdoor chef as they allow you to cook many home-style meals anywhere. From grilling freshly-caught fish to cooking bacon and eggs for breakfast, a portable gas BBQ is a great asset to any camper. Gas BBQs are fueled by propane tanks found at all good petrol stations, meaning that refilling is as simple as a quick trip to civilisation and back.

Fire BBQs provide a more natural culinary experience by using folding grill plates to cook your food over an open campfire. Fire barbecues only require wood to fuel the fire and don’t need propane tanks or other external sources to operate. Once you have finished cooking, packing up for fire BBQ is as simple letting it cool then folding it up.

Portable gas BBQs for camping

To cook your perfect camping meal, you need more than just a great barbecue. Bringing high quality barbecue utensils means you will be able to flip, cut and serve your steak, fish, chicken or tofu burgers to perfection.