Campervans for Sale


Campervans for Sale

Campervans are fast becoming a popular way for local and overseas travellers to see our diverse landscape. As the name suggests, a camper van is part van, part camper, designed to offer a minimalistic, flexible camping experience inside a fully enclosed van.

Depending on the style of campervan chosen, some feature annexes and pop tops to increase the living space. Most campervans follow the simple formula of adding a small kitchen and folding bed to the back of the van, while larger campervans may have a small fridge and freezer inside them too.

How does it compare to other RVs?

Campervans are seen as the most mobile type of RV. Their small size, weight and quick setup times make them very appealing for young and old travellers alike. They are very fuel efficient and only require a standard car license to drive. They are perfect for camping if you are not comfortable braving the elements in a tent, while still having enough storage to bring all your gear.

Compared to other RVs, there are several factors to consider when thinking about hiring or buying a campervan. Toilet and bathroom facilities are a rare find in most campervans. Only larger models may feature these amenities, so when travelling you will have to be using campground showers and toilets or public restrooms.

Most campervans are not equipped for off-road conditions. The suspension and tyres can handle to odd unsealed road every now and again, but traversing anything more extreme will lead to problems.

Campervans without the commitment

Not quite sure if a new or used campervan is for you still? Maybe you have a big holiday planned up the east coast of Australia and need a cheap, secure way to camp and experience the great outdoors? Campervan hire is an easy way to test whether the lifestyle that goes with it is for you, or to just explore the country without the commitment of a new vehicle.

If you are ready to buy your new campervan instead, many dealerships offer a ‘buy-back’ agreement where once you have finished your journey, you can sell your campervan right back to them. This gives you a flexible way of owning your campervan for however long you need if you don’t know how long you plan on being out on the road for.

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