Jayco Camper Trailers for Sale


Jayco Camper Trailers for Sale in Australia

Eagle, Swan, Dove, Hawk, Flamingo, Swift, Penguin – Jayco camper trailers are agile and lightweight just like their names suggest. If you’ve ever thought that RVs are just too big, think again. Jayco camper trailers are popular not only for their reliability and quality construction but for their versatility. The lightest of the Jayco RV family, camper trailers like the Dove, the Swan, and the Eagle are designed from the ground up to handle the widest range of terrain; to be compatible with the greatest variety of towing vehicles; suitable for any outdoor adventure.

Available in a range of layouts and vehicle lengths, forget the need to upgrade your towing vehicle. Most camper trailers are easily towed behind 2WD vehicles making them ideal for first time RV owners who might not be prepared to upgrade to a 4WD just yet.

What Makes a Jayco Camper Trailer Different from other RV Models?

Packed down and ready to travel, a Jayco camper trailer is sleek and compact, designed to be aerodynamic and nimble behind your towing vehicle.

When you reach your chosen campsite, the roof and tent extensions pop out to create a spacious living interior furnished in Euro style, with multiple sleeping options and dining facilities.

The larger the model you choose, the more your camper can feature. You could have a TV, additional sleeping compartments, a wardrobe – and that’s not even including optional extras such as slide-out BBQs, bike racks, and fold-out awnings.

Outback Camper Trailers Available at Outdoria

Planning on finally doing that drive along the Birdsville track? Dreaming of parking up overnight on Fraser Island to watch the sunset from the comfort of your own bed? You need to get into a Jayco Outback Camper Trailer.

Upgrading to an Outback version offers so many benefits. You’ll get an upgraded chassis engineered at Jayco to handle the rough and tumble of Australian off-road conditions. Greater road clearance reduces the chance of the camper's undercarriage getting damaged driving over steep inclines, and rugged, knobbly tyres keep you from getting bogged down in sand and mud.

Jayco Roadside Assist

But what happens if you do get bogged down?

Well, that’s the beauty of becoming a member of the Jayco community. If you buy new from Jayco, you’ll enjoy the peace of mind that comes with 3 years roadside assist. 24 hours, 365 days of the year, you can remain confident that if something happens, help is only a phone call away.

Shopping for a Camper Trailers at Outdoria

At Outdoria, you get to explore a huge range of new and used camper trailer models from dealers and private sellers all around Australia. You save time in your search for the perfect camper: our sophisticated search system gets rid of all the guesswork. You can refine your search by use (on-road, off-road etc.), price, condition, location – even choose to display only campers that come with a stove! And if you're looking for parts or optional extras, you'll find them here too, alongside everything you might need on your holiday.

Shopping for a used model online can be a bit ovrwhelming. If you're looking for some guidance during the buying process, check our comprehensive guide to buying a used caravan online.

While you’re here, you can learn more about the products you are looking to buy, and the adventures you are dreaming of experiencing. Just one click away, our editorial section is packed with useful advice, trip ideas, and gear reviews to help you make the right choice while shopping at Outdoria.