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Camper trailers are some of the most compact and aerodynamic types of recreational vehicle on the market. Designed to pack down into a solid water proof trailer unit, camper trailers can be towed behind a vehicle to your destination, parked up and expanded forming multiple sleeping births and interior living and dining spaces. Think of them as a modern hybrid between trailer and tent. They usually comprise of extendable canvas tent sections that, when erected, greatly increase the interior living space and head room.

Range of Camper Trailer Models Available at Outdoria

Camper trailers come in three main categories, each with their own unique features and capabilities.

  • On road camper trailers - designed to travel smoothly and efficiently on sealer roads, on road camper trailers are the perfect choice for the adventurous family or couple who seek new experiences in the great outdoors. Like other camper trailers, those designed specifically for the road are made of a composition of rigid and fabric lightweight composite materials. Drive to a registered campsite or national park, unhitch the trailer, pop the tent sections and you are ready to relax!

  • Light off-road camper trailers - capable of dealing with simple dirt tracks and the occasional bump in the road, light-off road camper trailers are suited perfectly to those who want to get away from the bitumen. Your new off-road trailers chassis, tyres, and external structure will have been upgraded to cope with the bumps and rolls of rough terrain, meaning more destinations are viable holiday destinations for you and your friends & family.

  • Extreme off road camper trailers - it's all in the name. Extreme off-road campers are built with the enthusiastic outdoor adventurer in mind; those individuals who love getting way out in nature, and need the gear to get the there, and accommodation to cope with the conditions when they do. Extreme camper trailers are upgraded in a huge number of ways to deal with particular driving conditions. Tyres, chassis, suspension, and even tent construction may have been upgraded to cope with the job at hand.

Dealers and Brands You Know and Trust

Exploring Outdoria rewards the adventurous. We are proud to make camper trailers, caravans, pop tops - all the RV models and camping gear you need - available in one place online. Browsing our online marketplace you'll see brands you recognise; perhaps those you have owned before. Check out new and used recreational vehicle models from great brands like Jayco, Kakadu, Avan, and Millard: you're sure to find a model that suits your RV lifestyle.

Where can I go with my Camper Trailer?

Due to their light weight construction, and the fact that they don't take up that much space, your camper trailer is suited to taking you to perhaps the greatest variety of camping destinations of any type of RV.

National parks are a good alternative to registered campgrounds because you'll more than likely be able tackle the rough terrain on the way there (if there is any).

You have the option with off-road versions off getting way out there and finding unique places to camp. Some destinations allow four-wheel drive vehicles towing camper trailers to camp on beaches and high up in the mountains. Just make sure you have any permission or permit that is required by the land owner before setting up camp.

And remember the number one rule of camping: take out what you take in. Better yet, take out more than what you take in, because we can all do out bit to clean up the outdoor destinations we love.

Still not sure whether a camper trailer is right for you? Check out our super-in-depth guide to Buying a Camper Trailer Online and make an informed decision.

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