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Portable Camp Ovens for Sale

Camp cooking is all about creating simple, nutritious meals using as few utensils as possible. A camp oven is the best way to cook many one-pot meals in one easy-to-use device. Simply place over hot coals, an open fire or camp stove and let the oven do its work.

If you can cook it in your oven at home, you can cook it in a camp oven! Casseroles, stews, roasts, shepherd's pie, fish and the Aussie classic damper are all hot, nutritious meals that can be cooked in your camp oven.

Cast iron vs. Spun Steel

Camp ovens typically come in one of two different types of materials, cast iron and spun steel.

Cast iron camp ovens are heavy, thick and offer ideal heat distribution. However, they are fairly brittle and can crack when dropped on hard surfaces or if cold water is poured into them while hot. Due to their weight, cast iron camp ovens are mostly used by car-campers and people who won’t be carrying the camp oven long distances.

Spun steel camp ovens weigh far less than their cast iron counterparts and are better suited to hikers and day-campers. They are far less brittle and won’t crack as easily. However, as the material is thinner than cast iron, spun steel camp ovens require care to make sure the heat is evenly distributed over the surfaces when cooking.

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