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Cabin Tents


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Hugely popular among Australian campers, cabin style tents are larger than their dome tent cousins, while offering the maximum room in a portable living area. These enormous structures are able to house large groups of people, sometimes holding up to 12 adults or more in comfort.

Why choose a cabin tent for your group?

Sharing experiences with friends and family is what camping is all about. Large capacity cabin tents allow large groups to comfortably sleep and rest inside them. Due to their size and many different parts, cabin tents ideally need two or more people to be set up properly, all the better reason to bring your group of like-minded adventurers with you. The taller ceiling height compared to a dome tent allows campers to stretch their legs and stand in the tent.

Cabin tents are great for all year round camping. Their large size equates to increased stability in windy conditions and their canvas roofing is typically stronger and more waterproof than a standard tent. The large windows and doors on the tent provide excellent natural light while allowing air to easily flow through on those warm summer days.

To help decide where to construct your cabin tent, check out Outdoria’s guide to choosing a great campsite. It features useful tips and tricks to help put your tent in a safe, secure position.

Prepare ahead

When choosing which cabin tent to buy, it’s better to be safe than sorry in terms of size. Buying a smaller cabin tent that fits six may seem like a good idea in the short term, but when your friends and family discover how much fun you are having camping, you will regret not buying larger.

From smaller four person cabin tents to spacious 12 person shelters, Outdoria has a cabin tent for any sized group.

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