Bull Bars


Australian Bull Bars for Sale

There are two, no, three reasons why you need a set of bull bars on your four-wheel drive:

  1. To protect your front-end and vital instruments from damage in the case of a head-on collision with another vehicle or wildlife.

  2. To allow for the attachment of recovery gear and accessories such as winches, CB radio antennas, and spotlights. And…

  3. To make your 4x4 look the business.

At Outdoria, you’ll find bull bars built to satisfy all three at once.

Why is front end vehicle protection so crucial in Australia?

You might know this already, but in Australia, bull bars are often referred to as roo bars. And that’s because, as we mentioned, one of the main jobs for a set of bars is to protect your vehicle’s front end from collisions with wildlife and livestock that sometimes wander onto the road.

Collisions with kangaroos are incredibly common in Australia, especially in the outback. So if you’re touring, you need to make sure that your 4x4 is well equipped with vehicle protection at the front, sides, and rear as well.

Ensuring your bull bar complies with current Australian Design Standards

Although a bull bar is great at protecting your vehicle from damage, there is evidence to suggest that – if installed incorrectly or poorly designed – they can drastically increase the chance of causing serious injury or even death if your vehicle happens to collide with an unprotected pedestrian or smaller vehicle.

That’s why it is so important that your new bars are fitted correctly and comply with the ADRs in your state or region.

Correct fitting means choosing the correct bull bar for your vehicle model. You’ll notice that manufacturers and dealers listing their products on Outdoria clearly state which vehicle model they are suitable for. This is to ensure that, once fitted, the bull bar conforms to the shape of the vehicle’s body. Whether your prized 4x4 is a Ford Ranger, a Holden Colorado, or a Nissan Patrol, you'll find a set of bars to match.

Get all your 4WD equipment needs at Outdoria

Outdoria brings Australian manufacturers, dealerships, and stores together into one online marketplace taking the pain out of your search for 4x4 accessories and equipment. From recovery kits to tents and battery management systems, you'll find it all here. And with so many stores on one website, not only do you have more products to choose from, but more ways to buy them as well.

At Outdoria, you can have the option to Buy Online and get your new parts delivered to your door, Click & Collect from a nearby store, or inquire online and visit In-Store before purchasing. That last option is a great choice when shopping for parts like bull bars: many sellers offer fitting and servicing as well.

So before you make tracks, make sure you check out the full range of 4WD accessories and parts available right here on our marketplace. And if it’s information you need, head over to our editorial section where you’ll discover detailed buyer's guides, gear reviews, and great stories of four-wheel drive adventure in Australia.

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