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Boots & Bindings for Sale Online

For quite some time now, the combination of boot and binding has been used by both skiers and snowboarders to keep them attached to them on track. Here you can choose to shop for ski boots and bindings, snowboard boots and bindings or all of the above! That’s the great thing about Outdoria's search engine: you can break down your search into the categories that best suit your needs.

Snowboard Boots & Bindings

‘Strap in’ snowboard bindings have become the most popular style of binding used by elite boarders and beginners alike. They are a great all round binding suitable for all mountain snowboards and free style boards that allows you to easily clip in and out of your board between runs. Coupled with a pair of ‘soft’ snowboard boots you’ll be ready to carve lines in no time.

For the alpine and border-x riders out there, you’re going to want to check out the range of hard boots and clip in bindings available at our marketplace.

Ski Boots & Bindings for Sale

Ski boots are constructed from hard plastic materials that provide great control of your new set of skis. Like snowboarding, different styles of skiing require different boot and binding combinations. The most drastic differences are between those systems used by alpine skiers and those used by Nordic skiers.

  • Nordic skiing styles, such as telemark and cross-country use a boot and binding combination that allows the boot to lift at the heel, helping the rider to slide their skis with each step across the snow.

  • Alpine bindings lock the boot tight at the heel and only release when enough sideways torque is applied, or if the ski is released by pushing the binding mechanism into the open position.

Choosing the Best Boot and Binding Combination

Bindings are available in different sizes for different sized riders. Once you’ve found a binding style that fits yours, check to make sure it’s available in your size. The same deal goes for boots…it’s important to make sure that your boots, bindings, and board / skis are all compatible — if you’re unsure, contact the seller to double check.

When choosing which boots and bindings are right for you it is important that you know what size boot you use, which style of binding you need, and if you are a skier, what your DIN setting should be.

Your ski binding’s DIN setting represents the level of force it will take for your boot to ‘pop out’ of your binding. More advanced skiers will usually ride with a higher DIN level because they will not crash as often and prefer lees movement in their bindings.

If you are purchasing your first pair of boots and bindings this should be adjusted by your shop technician. Make sure you tell them how much experience you have so that you are skiing with the appropriate DIN setting for your level of ability.

All the Gear You Need to Hit the Slopes

The range of gear at Outdoria isn't limited to your feet... Dress warm with ski and snowboard clothing, browse the selection of goggles, tools, backpacks, and all of the little things you might not have thought of that truly make a trip to the mountain a success.

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