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Bike parts for sale online and in-store

Cycling is surely one of the most rewarding ways to explore the Australian outdoors. Compact, lightweight, and a great tool for staying fit and healthy, a bicycle is a perfect addition to your outdoor experience.

But while bike parts are designed to stand up to the harsh conditions of Australia, they will eventually need to be replaced or upgraded.

If you are shopping for bike parts online, you are most likely either:

  • Looking to improve the performance of your bike by installing lighter, stiffer componentry.

  • Looking for bike parts to replace those that have worn out with extended use.

The best thing about shopping for bike parts right here online is that you have access to product ranges from bike shops all across Australia. Once you’ve found the part you need, you can either ‘Buy Online’ and have it delivered to your door ready for you to install, or you can contact the seller and purchase the item ‘In-Store’ after checking it out in person.

What types of bike parts are available at Outdoria?

Whether you are looking for parts for road bike components or mountain bikes online, you’ll find them at bike shops listing their products on our marketplace.

You can shop for:

And if all that seems way too complicated, you can of course just buy a brand new bike online. Shop mountain bikes, folding portable bikes, road bikes, BMX, kids bikes, to name a few, right here alongside the parts you need.

What if I can’t find the part that I’m looking for?

You have two options available to you if you can’t find the part you need:

  1. Contact your nearest bike shop and inquire as to whether they have the specific size or type of component not listed here.

  2. Head over to our sister site BikeExchange where you are sure to find the best range of cycling gear and accessories online in Australia.

Get great advice from Aussie cycling experts

At Outdoria, our aim is to help you find the gear you need and to help you use it too. Our editorial team is 100% dedicated providing you with useful information to help you in the great outdoors.

Mountain bike caked in mud? Why not watch our video showing you the correct way to clean your bike?

So before you check out, roll around to our blog and have a read. You just might learn something new.