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Men's, Women's and Kids Bikes for Sale in Australia

Riding a bike is surely one of the greatest ways of experiencing the great outdoors: you set the pace; you stop when you want to; and you can smell, see, feel, and hear your environment so clearly. At Outdoria we are big fans of the bike and biking adventures, so you can be sure to find a diverse range of bikes at our online marketplace.

You’ll find different retailers and private sellers marketing a huge range of bike types suitable to your style of riding. Whether you are riding on the road, or the trail, there is a bike suited to your next adventure. Outdoria is home to bikes such as:

And many more...

Finding the Perfect Bike for You

Using our sophisticated search engine you can narrow down your choices further by type, price and size. You’ll find new and used bike models specially designed for women, men and kids, easily categorised with the click of a button.

Once you’ve found the perfect bike, you have multiple buying options. You can ‘Buy Online’ and have it delivered directly to your door, or ‘Click and Collect’ it from your nearest bike store, built and ready to ride. The perfect ride requires more than just a great bike. With our range of cycle clothing, accessories, helmets and components, you will be ready to get out there and search for it.

And if you're looking for tips and tricks on how to use your new bicycle, check out our editorial section where you'll find great articles on topics ranging from Cyclocross Tips & Tricks to How to Clean Your Bike.

Take a bike on your next outdoor adventure and expand your experience of the world of outdoors.

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