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BCDs – Buoyancy Compensator for Sale

A buoyancy control device (or BCD for short), also known as a buoyancy compensator, BCD vest, stabiliser, or BC, does more than the name implies. Your BCD is also the base platform to which your other scuba gear attaches. For this very reason, if you’re thinking about buying scuba gear, your BCD is a great place to start.

Your BC primarily functions to keep you stable while swimming on the surface, and while diving underwater. BCs feature a bladder system that can be filled and emptied with gas from your dive tank (and via a mouthpiece if necessary). These bladders are adjusted while diving to help you achieve neutral buoyancy (neither floating to the surface nor sinking), enabling you to swim comfortably at a constant depth underwater. By controlling the amount of gas in the bladder, you can rise to the surface or control your descent towards the ocean floor.

A buoyancy compensator is also extremely helpful when you are on the surface, helping you to keep your head above water, or float just below the surface observing what lies below.

Combined with a dive tank, regulator, dive computer /gauges, mask, snorkel, fins, and a suit, you’re pretty much ready to go (once you’ve had the proper training of course).

BCs for Different Diving Applications

BCDs come in a range of configurations making them suitable for different underwater applications.

  • BCD vests are the most popular style favoured by recreational divers. They offer a good deal of stability while horizontal and vertical, but can be bulky around the front of the chest.

  • Backplate & wing buoyancy compensators are the go-to choice for technical divers on because they are more streamlined than other styles and, depending on their design, can accommodate twin tanks.

Scuba Gear Brands Divers’ Can Rely On

Scuba divers rely on their gear to keep them safe and to enable them to have unforgettable experiences underwater. At Outdoria, you can shop from dive shops from around Australia stocking scuba brands that you can trust; brands like:

And many others…

Shopping by brand on Outdoria is a great way to ensure that the BCD that you buy works in conjunction with the other gear that you already own.

Finding the right BCD for you at Outdoria

With so many products from so many different dive shops all in one place, you might think it would be difficult to find the best BC for you on Outdoria. But with our streamlined online shopping interface, you’ll find the dive gear you need in no time. At Outdoria, you can filter displayed products by brand, price, and size, and you can even browse the selection of products from stores nearest to you in Australia.

Once you’ve established how much you want to spend – and how far you are willing to travel to get the right product – there is a range of buying options available to you. You can ‘Buy Online’ and get it delivered direct to your door, ‘Click & Collect’ your gear from a store near you, or inquire with the store and try it on with other dive gear before making a purchase.