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RV Awnings, Annexes, and Parts for Sale

While it’s true that modern RVs come equipped with an enormous range of features, there are some optional extras that most caravan owners go for. Caravan awnings and annexes transform the exterior of your RV into outdoor living spaces that you’ll look forward to coming home to. After all, part of what’s great about owning an RV is that it transforms the outdoors into your home.

Awnings & Annexes for RVs

One of the best choices you can make as a new owner of an RV is to add a rollout caravan awning to your vehicle’s exterior. An awning rolls out, or flips up from the side of your vehicle to create a sturdy shelter, helping to keep the sun and rain off your dining / lounging area. Awnings and annexes, in some cases, extend to create an enclosed space; an extension to the interior of your RV. Annexes are available as tent sections that pop out for easy set up, adding additional sleeping or dining space to your vehicle.


Built from a range of lightweight materials, awnings and annexes are constructed to suit the individual vehicle. A caravan might feature a roll out awning that extends the length of the vehicle’s cabin, whereas a camper trailer might feature pop out tent extensions that function as additional sleeping compartments when pitched.

Modern synthetic materials such as canvas and coated nylon are popular construction materials due to their reasonably low weight, and their water repelling properties. Some awnings and annexes are designed to also prevent harmful UV rays from passing through, keeping you and the family safe from the sun.

Poles and support cradles are usually made from lightweight metals and compounds such as aluminium because they are lightweight, strong and flexible enough to give a little in high winds.

Spare Parts and Components

While manufacturers aim to make their products as durable as they can be while keeping weight down, the reality is that external features will eventually need replacing. At Outdoria, you’ll find a wide range of awning components and parts such as support cradles, poles, and replacement shade cloths that you can use to replace worn parts on your vehicle.

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