5th Wheelers


5th Wheelers

Designed to be towed behind a vehicle by its tray rather than its tow ball, a 5th Wheeler RV is the ultimate experience in luxury outdoor living. As the front section effectively attaches like larger commercial truck/trailer combinations, the 5th Wheeler reduces vehicle length making it more manoeuvrable considering its vast bulk.

That space at the front is beautifully utilised as you step up to your king-size bed to chill out in front of your flat screen TV. A veritable hotel on wheels; you won’t want to go home.

With all the usual amenities, you won’t need to.

A 5th wheeler can be thought of as a hybrid between a classic caravan design and a slide-on camper. Like slide-on campers, 5th wheelers have jacks that drop down at the front to keep it stable and level while you explore your destination with your towing vehicle.

In order to tow your new 5th wheeler, you will need a vehicle that is capable of hooking up to it and towing it. Small flatbed utility trucks or Utes are a great option due to their high torque and towing capabilities.

What features does my 5th wheeler come with?

Your 5th wheeler is not only exceptionally spacious, but due to modern construction techniques is a lot lighter and more aerodynamic than you might at first think. It comes standard with all the amenities you might need on your adventure in the outdoors:

  • Self-contained bathroom complete with shower and toilet

  • Kitchen with oven, stove, and storage

  • Raised master bedroom and separate sleeping berths

  • Dining and living areas.

Optional extras

With all that space, you would be silly not to make the most of it. There are a nearly infinite number of ways you can customise your new RV to suit your specific needs in the outdoors.

  • Afraid you will miss Game of Thrones? Install a flat screen TV and satellite dish.

  • Love entertaining? Install a slide-out barbecue to cook for your friends outdoors.

  • Passionate about looking after the environment? Reduce your footprint by installing solar panel power and power your RV anywhere.

  • Mad keen cyclist? Take the bike with you on the optional bike rack.

Where can my 5th wheeler take me?

Because your towing vehicle can easily park up and detach from your 5th wheeler, you don’t have to worry about where you take your portable home on wheels. If you want to experience staying directly in the heart of the wilderness, try your local national park. National parks allow free camping in some locations; others might simply request you leave a small donation that goes towards the upkeep of the park grounds and the conservation of local flora and fauna.

Registered camp grounds offer you all the facilities you might need while you are away from home for a reasonable daily fee. If you need to charge your trailer’s batteries or dispose of waste you can do that too by paying a little bit more for a powered campsite.

Just remember, always take out what you take in. Better yet, take out more than what you take in, because we can all do out bit to help clean up the environment that we love to visit!

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