5th Wheelers


Hotel on Wheels

5th wheelers are the pinnacle of luxury mobile homes. Instead of being hauled using a tow ball system like a caravan, 5th wheelers use a hitching system similar to a commercial truck and trailer. The towing device is connected to the tray of a ute or larger pickup truck which allows for a raised section on the 5th wheeler.

That space at the front is beautifully utilised as your king-size bed to chill out in front of your flat screen TV. The overhanging front section doesn’t add to the overall length of the car and caravan combination but allows for a more spacious living area, larger kitchen and more luxurious amenities. With such comfort and luxury, you will never want to go home.

5th Wheeler Features

Your 5th wheeler is not only exceptionally spacious but due to modern construction techniques is a lot lighter and more aerodynamic than you might think. It comes standard with all the amenities you might need on your adventure in the outdoors including but not limited to: a self-contained ensuite complete with shower and toilet; large kitchen with an oven, stove and microwave; master bedroom in the raised section with separate sleeping berths in the back and vast living and dining areas, capable of seating many guests. 5th wheelers also feature more storage for extra personal belongings.

Optional Extras

Although your 5th wheeler already comes with a large array of modern amenities, there is an infinite amount of ways to give your 5th wheeler your own personal touch. From upgrading your cooking equipment to adding electronic entertainment, Outdoria has a huge range of accessories to update or improve any aspect of your 5th wheeler to your liking.

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