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4x4 Water Bras


Better Safe Than Sorry

Water crossings can be one of the most exciting experiences to do in your 4x4. Watch as the water surrounds your vehicle as you plow across the river. Once you reach the other side, you breathe a sigh of relief and carry on your merry way.

But as well as we all know, engines and electronics don’t fare too well when submerged in water. A water bra for your 4x4 helps prevent this in a number of ways.

The main purpose of a water bra is to stop water pressure pushing through the engine bay and damaging the systems. In particular, while in a strong current, a vehicle’s radiator fan has been known to become dislodged and pushed into the belt system, causing the vehicle to seize while in the water.

Water bras work by bending over your vehicle’s front grill or bullbar. They also loop over your mirrors to keep it secure in the water and feature holes to let excess water drain after the crossing. They can be used to create a stronger bow wave when in deeper water too.

If you’re shopping for a water bra, you’ll more than likely be in need of a snorkel for your vehicle too. Safety is paramount when travelling in the outback, check out our huge range of radios and communicators, navigation equipment and vehicle protection and barwork to keep yourself, your passengers and your vehicle free from harm.

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