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4WD Winch Bars for Sale

Although essentially the same thing, bull bars and winch bars differ slightly. Bull bars only feature the bar framework surrounding the front of the vehicle, while winch bars feature an extended metal plate and lower frame to house the added winch. This makes 4WD winch bars marginally heavier than bull bars, which increases the likelihood that your 4WD’s suspension will need to be upgraded to compensate for the weight.

Commercial winch bar or comp style winch bar?

Most 4WD winch bars come in one of two different styles, either commercial or comp style.

Commercial winch bars feature the full bull bar framework, are designed for long-distance travelling across rural roads and general off-road use. They are far better suited to animal strikes compared to comp style winch bars but are far heavier due to the extra material.

Comp style winch bars are a combination of 4WD winch bar and nudge bar. They use the bottom section of a winch bar and a single loop in front of the radiator like a nudge bar, rather than the full bull bar design like seen on the commercial version. Comp style winch bars are designed for use with off-road vehicles participating in rock crawling or other competitive trials. Many also feature a large bash plate to protect the front of the chassis from large impacts and flicked stones.