4WD Tents


4WD Tents for Sale

With a 4WD tent, setting up camp no longer becomes a chore. These types of tents are designed to be set up on the roof or out the rear of your 4WD. They come in a number of sizes, so choosing the ideal one for your group is easy.

Most 4WD tents are made from canvas and feature varying degrees of waterproofness. Some use special ‘rip stop’ material, which helps reinforce the base material from tears and rips. This is especially helpful if you are worried your tent will be damaged by high winds, falling sticks and low-hanging rocks.

Types of 4WD tents

4WD tents come in two different styles, rooftop tents and awning tents.

  • 4WD rooftop tents attach to the roof rails of your 4WD. Once set up, you can sleep above the roof of your vehicle in a fully enclosed tent, far off the ground away from animals and insects.

  • 4WD awning tents open out and connect to the rear of your vehicle. This allows direct access to your 4WD without leaving the tent.

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