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4WD Rooftop Tents


High Rise Camping

4WD rooftop tents provide the flexibility of a touring tent while remaining space-conscious by attaching to the roof of your vehicle. Setup takes only minutes and is achieved by using a collapsable pole system to quickly setup and dismantle the tent. Rooftop tents can be mounted in any direction on your vehicle and provide different benefits to a standard touring tent.

Your Space-saving Penthouse

By securing to the roof of your vehicle, you save space inside by not having to haul the tent internally, allowing you to bring additional supplies on your journey. All poles, bedding and the lightweight ladder to your camping penthouse fits inside the compact, exterior shell to your above-ground dwelling. The thick external cover provides a secure, weather-proof canvas over the tent while travelling from destination to destination. Ensuring that you always sleep in a dry bed upon arrival.

Live Above the Locals

No more restless nights wondering which animal is outside your tent. With a 4WD rooftop tent, you remain out of sight and out of mind of the local fauna population, until they learn to climb a ladder that is. Staying off the ground also keeps insects from invading your personal space and better circulates fresh air into your home giving you a relaxed night's sleep.

Take Your Passion With You

From towing your prized jet ski, boat or dirt bike, to bringing additional storage with a camper trailer, your tow ball is free to bring along your favourite distraction while camping. Quick overnight getaways with your toys have never been easier with a 4WD rooftop tent.

Weathering the Storm

By remaining above ground in less than ideal weather conditions, rain will become a problem of the past. Waking up to cold, soggy ground won’t happen when elevated above your vehicle. In the unlikely case of flash flooding, you will remain safe and dry above the water level, while other ground-based tents may be in danger.

Explore More

With a rooftop tent, you aren’t restricted with where you can and can’t go when towing a trailer. Climbing steep mountain passes to river crossings become a possibility when your home is on your roof. The additional weight of the tent also helps by putting more weight on the wheelbase, increasing grip when off-road. 4WD Rooftop tents have been designed to be aerodynamic on the open road, resulting in minimal drag on your vehicle.

Pitch Your Tent Today

At Outdoria, we have a large range of soft shell and hard shell rooftop tents for sale, suitable for most off-road vehicles. From compact rooftop tents to larger drop-down systems, we have a home for any avid explorer from many different Australian manufacturers today.

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