4WD Recovery Tracks


4WD Recovery Tracks for Sale

Sometimes, it’s not possible to pull yourself out of a bog using a winch. Particularly on the beach where trees, rocks and other suitable recovery anchors are far beyond reach.

So what do you do?

Using 4WD recovery tracks is an easy way to pull yourself out. To use them, you first must dig around your tyres. By removing the sand and mud around your wheels, you are able to wedge the recovery tracks under your tyres. After the hard work is done, slowly drive over the tracks until your tyres gain a grip on them. This added traction for your tyres will drive you out of the bog.

Recovery tracks work just as well in sandy conditions, such as at the beach, as they do in the mud. Some can even be used as bridges to cover potholes, while most can also be used as a shovel.

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