4WD Recovery Straps


4WD Recovery Straps for Sale

Recovery straps are one of the most crucial pieces of recovery equipment. They come in four different types; snatch straps, winch extension straps, tree trunk protectors and equalizer straps. Each type serves a different purpose, and it is important to only use a strap for its intended purpose.

Snatch straps work similarly to an elastic band. They are able to stretch and compress roughly up to 10% of their size, which allows them to use kinetic energy from the initial ‘snatch’ to yank a bogged vehicle out. They don’t need a winch to be used, but do need to be attached to suitable recovery points on each vehicle. If a snatch strap is used on a vehicle without a rated recovery point, the chassis could be damaged from the pull.

Winch extension straps increase the reach of your winch. They feature no stretch in them so they cannot be substituted for a snatch strap. These are typically used on beaches and other areas where solid recovery anchors are often far away and spread out.

Tree trunk protectors are used to wrap around the tree when you are using it as a recovery anchor. This stops the winch cable from digging into the bark of the tree, called ring-barking, which can kill particular types of trees. Using a tree trunk protector also helps stabilize the winch when it's being pulled in.

Equalizer straps allow the load to be spread across two recovery points on a vehicle. This puts less pressure on the 4WD’s chassis. They are typically used when winching or when a vehicle is being towed.

Buying a 4WD recovery kit is also a good option if you want to buy all the recovery straps, shackles and recovery gear you need at once, instead of having to buy each item individually.