4WD Recovery Kits


Recovery Kits for Sale

Recovery kits typically come in three different ‘flavours’; snatch strap recovery kits, large recovery kits and heavy duty recovery kits.

Snatch strap recovery kits also known as small recovery kits, only feature a rated snatch strap, bow shackles, gloves and carry bag. These are used by people who don’t own a winch but want a lightweight recovery kit just in case they get stuck doing some occasional off-roading.

Large recovery kits come with all the gear you need to pull yourself or others from a bog. They feature various pulling straps, such as; a snatch strap, tree trunk protector, drag chain and winch extension strap, all rated up to 8000kgs. You also get a snatch block, recovery blanket, gloves and large bag to carry it all. This kit is ideal for the frequent off-roader who drives a medium to large 4WD.

Heavy duty recovery kits feature all the same gear as a large recovery kit, except the pulling straps are rated to 11,000kgs. This kit is suited to people needing to recover very heavy, fully loaded 4WDs who don’t want to risk using a ‘lighter’ strap.

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