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Getting bogged is half the fun of going off-roading. However, when the clouds roll in, the sun goes down and you hear the clap of thunder over the horizon, you’re going to really wish you had brought that 4WD recovery gear to get out faster. Recovery gear isn’t just for helping yourself. Most of the time it will be you for helping others stuck and in need of your assistance, especially if they happen to be in your way.

Preparing your 4x4 recovery gear is essential before you head out into the bush. The following equipment, straps, shackles and parts are crucial to saving your vehicle from a muddy grave.

  • Winches are the most important piece of 4WD recovery gear if you plan on travelling solo in the outback. It is generally seen as a last resort piece of equipment due to the immense battery charge needed to operate it. Winches can be secured to a tree trunk protector to pull yourself out of a bog.

  • Pulling straps are used to pull your vehicle and others out from a bog. Snap straps use the kinetic energy of the pulling vehicle to yank the bogged vehicle. Tree trunk protectors attach to your winch and are used to preserve the tree while you use it to winch yourself out. Winch extension straps help add some distance to your winch when a tree or large boulder is out of reach.

  • Recovery points are steel loops bolted to the chassis or bull bar of your 4WD. They are rated for extreme loads and are designed to be used alongside snatch straps when recovering a vehicle. They are not to be confused with Tow points which are not rated as highly and are only used for towing, not pulling or dragging the vehicle.

  • Recovery hooks connect straps and other recovery methods to your vehicle. They come in a range of loads suited to different weights. A rule of thumb is the bigger the vehicle, the bigger the load you need on your recovery hook.

  • Recovery kits are packages that encompass every pulling strap, shackle and accessory you would need to tow a vehicle out of a bog in one big kit. Typically, winches are sold separately and are not included as part of the kit.

  • Recovery jacks are special lifts that raise your vehicle up higher than a standard car jack. If you have raised your vehicle’s ride height, a normal car jack may not raise your 4WD up enough, which is why you need a high lift jack.

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We also feature all the spare winch parts, 4WD recovery accessories, shackles, recovery tracks, tyre repair kits and tyre deflators to help you get out of the bog and back onto the trails.

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