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4WD Nudge Bars for Sale

Sleek, compact and lighter than a full steel bull bar, a 4WD nudge bar is a good compromise between aesthetics and protection to the front of your vehicle. Most nudge bars are made from aluminium making them far lighter than a full steel bull bar. They also mount to the lower frame of the vehicle, rather than directly into chassis of the 4x4 like a bull bar. Driving lights and antennas can be mounted to the bar similar to other versions of front protection.

Nudge bar vs. bull bar

Many 4x4 enthusiasts debate whether the extra weight of a full size, steel bull bar is necessary for their vehicle. Nudge bars are good for the occasional off-road escapade, but longer journeys on rural roads are best left to a bull bar. Small animals and low-speed impacts are not a problem for a nudge bar, however, high-speed impacts with larger animals such as kangaroos have been known to bend or damage the bar attached car beyond repair.

If you think you will be mostly staying towards the city limits, but still want something simple and stylish to protect your vehicle, a 4WD nudge bar is likely a great choice. Whether your ride is a Hilux, Ranger or Land Rover, we have a wide range of 4WD nudge bars for sale online to protect your front-end!